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The Logistics team plays a critical role in managing the smooth and efficient supply chain management operation involving the distribution of drugs, surgical, and lab consumables from the current State Warehouses right up to the Primary Health Centres (PHC).

With the inception of Meghalayan Medical Drugs & Services Limited, the entire Supply Chain Management is undergoing a significant restructuring, fundamentally altering the way distribution of drugs, surgical and lab consumables is executed in the state. In a first for the state, drugs are now being delivered right up to the PHC level, a significant departure from the erstwhile process when facilities had to collect drugs by making their own arrangements. This has allowed facilities to concentrate more on service delivery at the facility level while drugs are being delivered right up to their doorsteps.

The restructuring will involve the creation of Zonal Warehouses and the decentralization of the storage of drugs across multiple zones to enable better and faster services across the state. The new system will ensure monitoring is done at all levels i.e., facility, district, and zones along with the state to ensure availability of drugs across the pipeline, safeguarding the system against any future disruptions.

Additionally, the drone delivery system has been integrated into the supply chain framework to improve the speed and efficiency of drug delivery to hard-to-reach areas/ facilities, ensuring a seamless supply chain of emergency and essential drugs to far-flung areas.

With the ongoing efforts to add and bolster services, Meghalaya's healthcare supply chain is set to experience a positive transformation with significant improvement in the availability of drugs at the last mile ensuring the patient remains at the heart of all endeavors.

Logistics Process

A simple representation of the process –

1. All facilities make inquiries with the District Warehouses (DWH). If the requested drugs are unavailable at the DWH, they are then sourced from the State Warehouse (SWH).

2. In the rare event that the State warehouse does not have the required items, the matter is escalated to the procurement team.

3. Once the requested drugs are procured, they are sent to the respective warehouses which then send the drugs to the health facilities.