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Each component of equipment maintenance is handled with accuracy and responsibility by the Equipment team. Strategically positioned across districts, the team promptly responds to maintenance needs, ensuring that healthcare facilities operate at peak efficiency.

There is also a thorough maintenance program in place, in which field team members actively maintain and troubleshoot equipment whilst also engaging in training technicians from various healthcare facilities.

A functioning healthcare environment is critical; hence, vigilance is maintained to ensure that problems are quickly addressed, thereby optimizing healthcare facility operations.

Assistance in quality checks and physical verification of all the equipment for both patient and staff safety are looked after by the equipment team.

Equipment is also responsible for thoroughly assessing any future equipment acquisition needs and preparing the groundwork for purchases, should they become necessary.

Below is a simple representation of the process:

Equipment Process

1. A health facility requests a new machine.

2. The Equipment Engineer at MMDSL conducts a thorough assessment of specifications and requirements.

3. The team engages in discussions with the hospital's necessary members.

4. The requirement is processed and forwarded to the procurement team at MMDSL to initiate the tender process followed by delivery to the health facility.

The aim is simple:
To ensure that every piece of medical equipment performs optimally, minimizing downtime, optimizing resources, and upholding the highest standards of maintenance, all of which contribute significantly to the seamless functioning of healthcare facilities.