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Essential Drug List

Meghalayan Medical Drugs and Services Limited (MMDSL), plays a vital role in procuring drugs and medical equipment for the state's health facilities. To enhance this process and create a seamless system for indenting, supplying, maintaining, and disposing of drugs and medicines, MMDSL has curated the Essential Drug List (EDL).

The EDL-2023 comprises a total of 691 medicines (excluding repetitions) and 62 sutures, representing an extensive array of essential medical resources. Its fundamental goal is to ensure the ready availability of these essential medicines to the public, free of cost, while maintaining their assured quality. Emphasizing the use of generic names and standardized nomenclature, the EDL encourages the prescription of medicines in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

With the introduction of the Essential Drug List, we aim to strengthen and improve healthcare services across Meghalaya, ultimately leading to better health outcomes and a healthier population.

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